dealsamazon instant video rental: 30 minutes or less…


This movie was surprisingly good.

I must warn you however, as the title is misleading. It took us almost 90 minutes to watch it.


If I buy this now, do I need to watch it immediately, or does the 24 hour rental window only begin after I start watching?


When I read the header, I thought that all titles 30 minutes and under at Amazon Instant Video were $0.99. I guess I'm that out of the loop to not have heard of this movie...


Does this deal apply for the HD version I can rent through Amazon on my Blu-Ray player?


@bstu185: The 24 hour window only starts once you begin watching it.


@wootbretz: Actually, I checked and it does not. The HD version is still $4.99 to rent for 24 hours. Not worth it.