dealsvelocity micro 7" android tablet (refurbished…


Run from this piece of junk! I just got the refund from when this was on the main woot page...
Screen is very unresponsive (sometimes?)
Apps force close constantly (couldn't even use the browser past the home page)
Woot doesn't say it, but other sites list this as having a microphone, which IS installed, but DOES NOT WORK. Anything using the mic will crash.
No Android Market!
No custom ROMS to make this thing useful...


I cannot imagine anyone wanting this to be their first tablet. It is a really bad product that leaves me with a less than favorable opinion of Android - although I know it has more to do with this crap hardware probably than with Android itself.

My advice, if you can still even buy this thing, or if someone is trying to pawn theirs off on you, STAY AWAY.


Almost did an impulse buy.. then saw the 800mhz clock speed
little research
CPU uses 130nm lithography, that's ancient!! CPU benchmarks show horrible scores.

I highly would NOT recommend this, even though the price is attractive for a tablet.


Always always ALWAYS avoid ANY Android tablet that doesn't have AT LEAST Android 3.0, since it will NOT come with Google Play or any Google apps that are common on Android devices.

Also as a side note, I have borrowed a Velocity Cruz tablet from a friend. We managed to hack Google Play onto it, but even when the store said it was compatible, it would fail to install. MANY apps will simply NOT work with these types of devices.

Only thing this is good for is if you want to do nothing more than slowly read books, check mail, look at a webpage or two and maybe play one or two games. Otherwise, get something else.


@jouvamoufette: That would be because it uses a different kind of chip than most tablets. It can't run the required binaries, so no Google Market/Play whatever its called this week.

The Amazon reviews are evenly spread all over the spectrum, so I would suggest anyone considering this unit look at the reviews there to see if their questions are answered.
Its got a low price, thats a bonus.... but it might not be everything your hoping for.


I got this for my wife. Is it a nexus7, no.

google market NO
Amazon Market, yes.

Is it a book reader, yes, kindle and some generic I can not recall now. I was trying to get it working for the library, took too long, not the tablet's fault the library wants you to sign up for 3 things that work together.
Is it a you tube player ,yes, but not in HD.
Craigslist Notifier. (I got this by backing it up on my tablet using es explorer and dropping the apk on her machine and browsing to it to launch.
Simple games chess, checkers solitar.
Light browsing with dolphin.

I could not get a weather app to work as a widget from the Amazon market.

Browser fix..

IMHOP I have spent $50 on worse things.
It seems to work better then when we bought it. Unless I found the limits and now respect them.


I fell for the $50 price an purchased it last time around, thinking it would be a good "beginner" tablet for my kids to play educational games on (and to get them off my 10" Toshiba Thrive.)

I work in the IT industry and even so it took me a lot of research to figure out how to root the device and get Google play installed. Most of the applications were not compatible, even some of the "simpler" ones that didn't require a lot of graphics. (Remember, Flash isn't supported on the 101 and 301 models.) Aside from one user-created ROM that is still in beta, there doesn't appear to be any other options for this model.

I didn't have any problems with the touch screen being unresponsive, but it was way to dim even with the brightness cranked up.

Overall, the product is pretty shabby-- it should be classified as an e-Reader, not a tablet. That isn't really fair to e-Readers since the Nook Color does a better job at both-- you can find refurbs for around $120 now. Avoid the aggravation.


I had this tablet for my first tablet for Woot i believer when it was about 70 bucks. This thing is a peice of crap really. It is worth 10 bucks really. I don't really blame android though, seeing as i have an android phone and it works great. This product is just really slow and unresponsive. The internet browser is not really that much better than a mobile browser on a older phone. Nothing was wrong with my tablet when i first bought it. Now everytime i turn it on the screen flashes black and white. If you buy this product you will end up dissapointed


browser will crash if there is any javascript on the page you see. the support offers 'turn off javascript' as a workaround.

besides that. it you want to use it to exclusively browse wikipedia or something.


I got this on Woot...and it has given us a lot of trouble. First, the browser kept on crashing. Took three calls to tech support to find someone who had a clue as to how to fix it. Once we got that problem licked, it would not install the Amazon Android Appstore app downloaded from CruzMarket. No one at tech support could help with that one. I finally got it running on my own. It runs very few games since it won't run Flash. Then there were the repeated freeze ups and resets which wiped out all installed programs. I finally got fed up and got tech support to route me to a manager to come up with a reasonable solution that would work for both of us. That manager never bothered to return my call. Another e-mail to management was ignored. Can't even get my money back from Woot.

So, if you want a crappy buggy tablet with dodgy tech support and non-responsive managers, this is the tablet for you! If not, move on, nothing to see here.


What's worse than a crappy, un-upgradeable, broken-assed POS tablet? The rude-assed, insulting, lying, crappy customer service at Velocity. If you're a masochist that really likes being made to feel like a piece of horse crap sodden by bull piss, please, by all means buy this and try to deal with Velocity Cruz. You'll have every dream of deprecation and depravity shown to you by these reprehensible people. They beat puppies for fun. The enjoy pulling the legs off of kittens while they're still alive. Do you get the picture yet - THESE PEOPLE ARE PSYCHOPATHIC MUTANTS WAITING TO GET THEIR HOOKS INTO YOU. Then they'll suck your soul out of your forehead with a dull, rusty metal straw.


Actually - with absolutely NO GOOD THINGS WHATSOEVER said about this product - and considering this isn't the FIRST time that Woot has tried to pass off this piece of crap as worth buying - why would Woot have it offered AGAIN? I mean - it's a proven piece of crap. It doesn't work. People have complained bitterly about this product before - and WOOT KNOWS ABOUT IT!

I'm seriously having to reconsider my continued relationship with Woot. I understand if they sell me something because they, too, got hoodwinked - but in this case Woot is JUST AS CULPABLE AS THE BASTARDS AT VELOCITY WHO SELL THIS PIECE OF CRAP.



Got one for my 6 year old last week. Can get VERY, VERY FEW apps to run on it, and those that work work VERY SLOWLY. Save your $.


So let me get this straight, as it is a bit unclear from the comments...this thing bites the big one?