deals2-pack disney pixar cars 2 appmates for ipad…


I don't get it. Why the hate? As far as I can tell this is a good price for an admittedly niche product; I'm thinking about getting a pair for my kid. Is there something I'm missing here?


Looks like a lot of people complain that they sell broken products that you can't return. Found several bad reviews of the company online like this one.
"This company sells broken, used merchandise, and makes it impossible to return. Most of their products are inexpensive, so I think many people give up trying to return it, and they just keep the money. Not a bad scam, when you are ripping off hundreds of people for just a few dollars... "


@acumenhokie: I don't get it.. If they don't take returns, how do they end up with used merchandise?


Hello @acumenhokie:

Here at GearXS, our focus is on customer satisfaction, and we back it up with uncompromising integrity. GearXS sells only high quality new and manufacturer refurbished items. We strive to provide immediate, hassle-free returns for all of our customers.

GearXS has a A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has a proven 45 day Money Back Guarantee.

Customer service is our #1 priority! If you have any further concerns or questions, feel free to contact our customer service team at 1800-438-7516.


@gearxs: I have not personally done business with your company, but I will point out that the BBB is a joke. I've seen plenty of obviously crooked companies pull A ratings from the BBB. On top of that it is a fully toothless organization that is dependent on members self-policing.

It was a good idea, but then people inside of it - not saying you specifically - made it pointless.


I've bought from there before and not had an issue. Guess everyone has their own opinion. But mine is based on purchase and not speculation.


I ordered one of their box of crap and have to say I hated their overall customer service in regards to how long it took to ship, lack of communication, and I was not alone. I think the negative checks are due to people with bad experiences.


Well if you do decide to get one, which I did... go to eBay and do a search on it. This site is also a seller on eBay. The price is a little higher, but its actually less considering if you order directly they charge shipping per item. Plus on eBay you'll get your eBay protection (although its a JOKE! and PayPal protection (Another JOKE!) and eBay bucks. Just a thought. I saved enough on shipping to go ahead and get all three.


@yohams: I have never had an issue with ebay buyer protection. I have been shipped wrong or broken items, and never received certain items and ebay has backed me up on all accounts. I have never ordered from gearxs before, but I would be cautious considering amazon has them for more than double this price. As for the downvotes, they could also be due to the product itself. Reviews on amazon say possible screen scratching and low touch consistency on the cars themselves. I've never tried them, but it's worth consideration.