dealsab circle pro – revolutionary fitness machine for…


I'll just wait to watch the infommercial at 4am to get more details


Don't you use those to roll up your garden hose?


I heard this is horribly built, it breaks and cracks within a year of moderate use.


@mastahanky: That's what I thought, then I also thought it might be some sort of double barreled clay-pigeon-launching device for skeet shooting


Good if you want to look like a moron when no one is around (hopefully).


The rollers generate friction on the tracks and will erode through in short time. I do miss seeing my girlfriend using it in her thong....maybe it's time to replace the broken one.


She broke the Ab Circle...I broke the thongs...have to replace those too.


This looks like a lawsuit ready to happen.


if they throw in some duct tape, vaseline, and a ball gag; in for one.


Got one collecting dust in my basement storage right now.

It is, however, pretty funny watching people try to use it. But, sit-ups and crunches are much much cheaper, and arguably much more effective.


Wouldn't this be a great gift for Mother's Day!


you would be better of getting your abs by farting, then by using this pile of $h1T


@stanleys: She complained that I take too many "action" pictures with my Woot purchased Panasonic HD recorder and Squiggly camera stand...if I took any more I would have to marry her to avoid incriminating her. Hence that camera is collecting dust. I must GTFO !