dealscrossbow from the walking dead for $246.13


So the objective here really IS to shoot someone's eye out?


I used to watch that show, then I took an arrow to the knee


i stopped watching when the zombies stopped and the soap opera began. what a joke!


Just in case anyone is considering this realize that the price is a total rip. Equivalent quality and size can be found in several archery /hunting sale catalogs for half this price. Now if you have ever heard of this show and want it for that reason then enjoy.


@offgridmanpolktn: Good to know. The prices is significantly higher from other vendors online.


Please correct me if I am wrong, but aren't crossbow's strength measured by the pounds of pressure of their "draw weight". I'll assume this has a draw weight of 125lbs as it is not stated. FYI, the most expensive crossbow models have a draw weight of 175lbs.


I'm pretty sure this is illegal to hunt with in most states since it is only 125lbs draw strength. The reason for this is because it is generally agreed upon that 150lbs is the minimum needed to take down a deer. You can buy the Barnett RC-150 for $171 and it is an extremely high-regarded, lightweight, entry level crossbow. Think of it as the Mossberg 500 of crossbows, and buy it instead of this piece of crap. Trust me.


@xzelick: Draw weight has little to do with it. The FPS and the KE of the arrow impact is what matters. The Horton Scout is an entry level bow for young adults and women who need a bow that has knock down power but you're still able to cock by hand.

Barnett makes (profanity). Period.


@xzelick: But that isn't the one they use to take zombies down! :(