dealscheetah mounts 32"-65" ultra flush flat screen tv…


IN for one. Cheetah is a great brand, and even though I don't plan to get a new TV until around Christmastime, I couldn't beat the deal. You know that come November/December, the price on wall mounts is going to rise significantly due to all the Christmas TV sales.


Snagged me one. Now its gonna cost me $1,700 to get the new 65" Vizio 3D.


Was waiting for a great deal on a wall mount, so grabbed one.


Seems like a great deal. I've been close to pulling the trigger on a 40" tv for a few weeks now.


It's for a TV? Guess I should tell the wife to take the guns off after all. Shucks!


@dilarasdad: At that price, might as well get one or the fishing poles too!


I have this mount. It will be fine for light LCD TV's, but I used it for a heavy 42" commercial Panasonic monitor, and the top lip of the mount bent (even though it was under the recommended weight). The mount is fairly thin steel (compared to my other mounts).


I dont like flush mounts. It's a PIA if you have to add video/audio cables after the TV is hung.