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86 cents per roll? That's just horrible. I only buy the good stuff (Charmin, Cottonelle, etc.) when it's 25 cents a roll or lower. Best deal ever was 12 cents per roll, stocked up with at least 8 or 9 6-packs that time. :D


We get 36 rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft at Sam's Club for $18!


Yeah this isn't all that great. Like @misterron, I get my butt wipes at Costco, Charmin Heavy Duty 36 pack for $18.


@thegarageband: Consumer's Reports rates Kirkland (Costco) TP the best, btw. Try it out it's cheaper and I like it!


where i live water is included in the price of the condo fee, so after i take a dump i always take a shower. dont use TP and with the cash i save each year ( 40 bucks) i buy a silver coin.


Just ordered 30 double rolls of Northern from Staples for $12.99 and free shipping last week. How has this deal gotten so many likes? Yikes!


Some people are just tight. I buy only Charmin with aloe. I don`t care what it cost its the best


These are MEGA rolls,do you have to have a big bum to buy these?


I eat a lot of cheese so I don't poop much. I find this saves me at least $120 a year on toilet paper.