dealsbellagio-italia brown cd dvd storage binder…


@frugalfreak nice try! We are the manufacturer and this is the best deal we've ever done on this. If you compare JUST the black one on Amazon, you would need to add an extra insert pack that sells from $6.99 to $9.99.

I can assure you with 100% certainty that this is the best deal not only for this color (brown) but also for the line. We reserve the brown and burgundy colors for ourselves but sell the black through some major resellers and a handful of online merchants.

I'd buy more than one!


I need binders for my vintage Disney DVD collection. I have a CASE of DVD pages bought from thing fling years ago. Just now searching for decent priced faux bookshelf binders. I wish these had slots on the front for inserting tags.


@cavimike: Some kind of round thinga-thing-thing that you used to listen to Tupac with.


@namorama: Is a Tupac some sort of brand name for a man's wig?


Does this company also make decorative holders for my 8-tracks? Timely.


I'm tempted to get one of these handsome folders, hand-write in crayon "porn" on the little paper label, and put it up on my bookshelf with all my first-editions.


Actually, I've been looking for something like this for a while now. I have a ton of DVD's, and they're on a rack that takes up too much space. We bought one of those CD/DVD binders, but there isn't any place to put the booklets, and there isn't really a good place for it to sit without looking out of place. These look like they could be a good alternative. In for two...


Ah yes, the Compact Disc. I believe it was a tool of some sort that was used by humans. These humans would put this "Compact Disc" in a machine to emit sound. It is really quite fascinating.


I bought 3 of these, they look great. I can't wait to organize my DVD collection