deals6 pack: fruit of the loom - iron man 2 boys…


Gah, why can they not make these styles for adults?


Because Fruit Of The Loom doesn't think adults will buy underwear that makes them look like little boys.

It has to be a different style even as briefs, darker and a more strategic place on the briefs to have the arc reactor ;)


I hate pooping on deals, but I've paid less than this at both Target and Wal-Mart for underwear packs for my seven year old. :/


Anybody else see a perverse irony in little boys underwear proclaiming "iron man"? Not something anyone below puberty should have rights to claim.


they only have size 4...I was going to order a pack for my 10-year old. True, you could maybe find some a little cheaper. I think the last pack I got him was 6 pairs for $6.50 + tax + gas to get to the store + my additional time and energy looking for a pack in his size at a price I was willing to pay. It would have been worth it to me.