dealsfirst pair of glasses free + 10% off upgrades


If you're a man and take a frame width above 125mm you're pretty much out of luck. Very few choices above 120mm in the men's glasses (and probably for the women as well, just by extrapolation).

Also, there are like twice as many choices for women as there are for men under this coupon.

On a personal taste note, 90% of the frame choices seem geared at hipsters and other people for whom form is more important than function.


@furbearingmammal: I've ordered from Coastal twice and noticed that their frame measurements are inconsistent. On one order, the actual width of the frame was exactly as specified on the website. On another order, the actual width of the frame was several mm larger than what was specified. Thankfully though, Coastal has a generous return policy.


Dang. I'm wearing broken glasses right now, but I already ordered them from Zenni. Also: not a hipster so that counts me out for the vast majority of these...


Coupon worked like a charm. Can't wait to see if online glasses are the real deal.


For this deal do you have to buy a second pair?


Has anyone used the "first deal free" coupons more than once?

Do you have to make a new account?

@thefenst: hey cutie.