dealsmax payne 3 - xbox 360 or ps3 for $17.99 + freeā€¦


I have played about 1-2 hours into this game and I do not like it as much as i did the original Max Payne on the PC. It sucks because I really wanted to like it too. I did not get to play Max Payne 2 so i do not know if it is any better. I will keep playing and I hope it gets better. I have only played the campaign, no multilayer yet...


I, on the other hand, had very little expectation for this based on the trailers. Once I started playing I couldn't put it down, got through it in 3 days, which for me is like days of old. Totally worth the money (though I've seen it a bit lower on here). Great story, similar enough, very enjoyable.


@arkham69: Same here. I've seen it lower, but this is a really good game at a decent price. If you've got some Best Buy reward coupons or something, go for it!