dealsred dead redemption: game of the year edition…


A great, great price on a fantastic game, one of the best of its console generation. The Zombie expansion (included in this edition) is great too, more than just extra add-on stuff it's like a horror rework of the entire game. Well worth it.


RDR is GTA on horses. You might think that is a bad thing, but you would be wrong.

Have you ever been driving in GTA and thought "I want to go right there: why can't I go right there?" There is none of that in RDR and it is GLORIOUS.


I've heard lot of good things about this game. Been playing all the Creed games. So moving to something like this will be fun.


Not sure about Multiplayer on this game but the single player is very can take a while when you have to go from town to town in the old west on a horse.


One of the best games I've ever played. I still go back every once in a while to ride around.

I thought the Zombie expansion was really repetitive, but the main game and multiplayer are great.


@starblind: Totally agreed. I actually only clicked through to make the same comment - one of the best of the last generation. Not surprised someone else had already said it!


Regular campaign is excellent. Lots of space to run around, lots of fun side games, etc. I prefer Saints Row to GTA but this game stands on its own.

IMHO, the zombie expansion stank. If your horse dies you might end up with a zombie horse which goes whatever direction it feels like (very annoying). You also lose all of the weapons you built up in the regular campaign and ammo is scarce (also annoying). I bought the expansion after playing through the original game since everyone seemed to be raving about it and was very disappointed.


this is coming up on amazons black friday week tomorrow