dealsseiki 32" se32hy10 720p led tv for $129.99


Anywhere else this would be a deal but NOT TigerDirect with their mail in all the bar codes and forms. I buy something online, why cant the rebate be done online as well .Prices are good but not worth the pain and follow up.


It would be nice if people who post these Tiger Direct "deals" would identify the price as "after rebate" somewhere in the description. That way those of us who aren't interested in getting ripped off would be able to avoid these "deals" more easily. TD is infamous for cheating people out of their rebates - Google "Tiger Direct rebate" for more information.


This is cheap for a reason. Crap specs to begin with, and fairly unknown maker. The only thing I've heard about Seiko is that their affordable 4K sets are pieces of junk with a 50/50 chance you'll get a good one, plus 2 months to send back for repairs at your cost. If they can't figure out a technology that isn't even mainstream yet, how good is their older stuff.

Maybe for a bathroom wall, this might be ok...


I hate rebates, I wish companies would just give us the discount up front


I have NEVER had a problem with TigerDirect rebates. I've probably done about a dozen of them. I can only assume people don't know how to do it right?

I have a Seiki... its okay. I'm actually looking for a better deal before my Walmart return window closes, but I won't be too disappointed if I don't find one.


I've never had a problem with a Tigerdirect rebate as long as I complete it. I've even had them contact me when I sent in the wrong barcode from a box in order to get the correct barcode. The only problem I've ever had with TD is not refunding my whole shipping for partially shipped order.

I don't see where this LED deal is $129.99. They have an LCD refurb for that price with $12 shipping. The the lowest I can get the LED to after rebate is 149.99 with free shipping. I'm still mad I missed this TV for $99 on Thanksgiving at Amazon.


To clarify, there are two options:

New ($199.99 - $30 MIR with free shipping)

Referb ($164.99 - $35 MIR but with $15 ground shipping(est. to CT))

Also, for those with Bank of America checking accounts, there is a 'Cash back deal' that can be claimed for any purchase by 2/24/14. So, if you pay with your debit card BOA will give 15% of the purchase price as cash back: $30 (new) or $24.75 (referb)

All together, the instant savings, rebate and cash back is a pretty good deal if you don't mind waiting for the cash back at the end of the statement period, and the rebate to come by mail.

Hope it helps someone!


@bring0ndarkskies: Correcting myself: With $20 coupon code KKI116905

New (
$199.99 - $20 = $179.99 -$29.25 (15%) = $165.74 - $30 MIR = $135.74

Referb the coupon code DOES NOT work (
$164.99 + $15 shipping = $179.99 - $27.00 (15%) = $152.99 - $35 MIR = $117.99


@czwick78: The TV was actually cheaper yesterday. The initial discount was higher, making the price before coupon and rebate $179.99, and $129.99 after. I got one for $129.99 plus free shipping.


Targetdirect isn't recognizing the discount coupon. It's at $189. I called them and they told me that the coupon code doesn't exist.