dealsair hogs - hyper actives pro (red/white) 2.4ghz…


Amazon has sold out and it is only available from other sellors on Amazon for a lot more. RIP.


Click on the other colors, prices are close


Price goes up $6.00 when you click on it . As Cramer say DON'T BUY DON'T BUY


Much better review:

I have one of the original Takara-Tomy versions of this ( ), and it's really quite good for what it is. It's very fast and surprisingly controllable for a tiny, toy-grade RC. I think I paid about $60 shipped from Japan two or three years ago, and even at that price I consider it to have been worth it. The amazon price has already gone back up to $20, but that's still a heck of a deal.

Due to the speed and inherent fragility of something so small, this probably isn't suitable for kids under nine. Anybody older (including adults like myself) will enjoy it.