deals20 tracks for $0.25 each: customer picks playlist…


The Killers - Runaways. 'nuff said.


I sometimes wish you could preorder an album and get the singles as they come out. I'll be buying the Green Day album when it comes out so I don't want to buy the singles as they release them. Though I guess for a quarter you can't really go wrong.


Little bit of everything - thanks.


Love "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons. Listen to the whole song before you judge, just saying.


Dear Metallica,

I just got your song, Enter Sandman, for free from Amazon with a free coupon code

Please don't sue me


I only found one song worth grabbing but you can't beat a quarter for the price.


Hunter Hayes, Wanted. Thanks :)


You don't get search for songs, it's a list of 20 to choose from. Good Luck finding one you like.


@jwalker125: Actually if you click on the link there are 40 or so songs to choose from


@relique: Just pay attention to the price on the extended list. Some of them are 99 cents or more as you page through.


I hope they do this more....too much whiny emo-pop in this one.


@oscaroni: Glad to hear Imagine Dragons mentioned. But yes, "It's Time" is amazing, but "Amsterdam" (which isn't sold anymore :( ) from their previous EP is better, take a listen on Youtube if you haven't already. "Demons" is also pretty good.


Got Burn it Down (Linkin Park) and Whistle (Flo Rida), excellent prices!

Technically got it all for free thanks to all the free credits.

Seriously, Amazon and Google is like really battling head-to-head on this music thing and here goes iTunes just whistling around them.

Still debating on getting Walking on Sunshine, just something to wake up to every morning.

Thank you!