dealswired magazine subscription (with free…


i love my Wired. if you don't want to pay anything though you can peruse a lot of the content online for free

not sure how much is posted but it seems to cover the bigger articles. i'll still gladly pay my $3.99 a year to ruffle the glossy mag


This should also give you access to the online version on your IOS devices as well as Nook Color and Kindle Fire. AFAIK other android devices don't (officially) have the android app for this.


Thanks for the heads up. They also offered me popular science for 4.99 at checkout.


Great deal. You can sign up for upto 4 years. I would just like to know how to get the content on my nook.



Nook color or tablet only via the Nook app store.
You end up creating an account with Condé Nast and can then download the issues via the application.