dealsacer g185hab black 18.5" 5ms widescreen lcd…


It my honest opinion, you should not buy this unless your sole use for it is as a tiny HTPC display - and even then, it's definitely not a deal.

The resolution is a horrifying 1366x768. This is the resolution of my 14" laptop, and I think it's too low even for a screen of that size.


This would be a good monitor for anyone who isn't concerned about resolution. Which would be about 95% of people who use computers.

A resolution any greater than 1366X766 would be too small to read on this monitor, anyway.

You don't need a 1080 resolution for a 19" class monitor.


I have a 17 inch laptop with 1600x900 resolution. No reason an 18 inch desktop monitor couldn't at LEAST match that.