dealscertified pre-owned nook tablet™ (8 gb) for $159…


I can't see any reason not to spend an extra $40 to get the quad core, 1.3 GHz, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, 1280x800 IPS display, with twelve core GPU, 10+ hour battery life, WiFi, Bluetooth, near field communicator, $25 worth of Google Wallet money, higher quality build, thinner and sexier body, non-locked down Jelly Bean operating system (4.1 os) with front facing camera Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The nook is not even 1/5th what the Google Nexus 7 is. If you want the nook experience, install Nook for Android free from the Google Play store for no charge. You will have a device that just began its life rather than a device at the end of it like the Nook.


Pre-Nexus 7 this would be a decent deal. Post-Nexus 7 this thing (used condition no less) should be no more than $99 with free shipping, for the reasons noted by munkwoot above.


I have a nook color and its a good device, but I got the deal a while back for 130 dollars that came with a nook touch as well. I did use the Nook to android rom thats out and I like my nook color. I have gotten good use out of it, and its a good lower end tablet.

That said, with the Nexus 7 out now, its hard to call this one a good deal. Tennessee is having a school item tax free event next weekend, and I have to admit I am thinking of selling my nook to upgrade...


Certified pre-owned? To me that reads as "yes, it is used. we promise you that much.. hell, we certify it!"

Also, I have a nexus 7 16gb and it rocks.. This "deal" is a joke.


@munkwoot : You forgot to mention that the Nexus 7 also has GPS and is new


I have pretty much the same sentiment as everyone else. I have a rooted 16gb Nook Tablet, and it has served me well. I have been quite satisfied with my $250 purchase AFTER I spent the time to root it. But in a post Nexus 7 world there is precious little reason to even look at a Nook Tablet/Color or Kindle Fire.

The one thing that the Nexus 7 is missing is one of the things that the Nook Tablet gets right. Expandable memory. But that option alone is not enough to compel people away from the Nexus. Though it is a glaring omission.


I side rooted my 16mb refurb with a program called Nook 2 Android. $35 and I get a full gingerbread android system with several apps included that I like. I can switch between Nook and Android without removing the micro SD card and I don't bugger up the warranty. It's a good deal and just side load the N2A card and play away!