dealsmaxam 7ft nylon hammock with mesh drawstring bag…


Anyone have one of these? Can I get a testimonial here?


i hate it when shipping is almost 2x what something costs

amazon price is 9.31 with 2 days prime shipping
not a deal


@fit410s: your math is bad...
This is about 15% less.


@silentlegend: I think I do... Bought a cheap one off of AMZ, same color, style, pouch, just not sure of the "brand." I assume they all just come from the same plant in China anyway. I actually put mine between two walls in my house by a big window on the top floor. A place to read, relax, etc. Now if I only had time to actually do that... I'm 6'3" and 210... and I fit. It really wraps around you, as you can expect, not like the ones that have the wooden pieces that keep them more flat. There's definitely a procedure to get into it though. When it's empty, it collapses to small cocoon shape, so you have to manually spread it and then sit down easy. No running jumps into this thing. (cue a lot of "that's what she said's") In the end, I guess it's OK for a ~$10 hammock.