dealslodge logic l10sk3 12-inch pre-seasoned skillet…


I bought the same size with the woot! logo on it and I like it so far. It is a bit heavy so be prepared to use both hands.


I do all my stove cooking on Lodgelogic cast iron skillets. One is just like this. I absolutely love it. Fantastic quality. And food tastes better when cooked on cast iron. If its your first read up on cleaning and care to make it last for generations.


This is Amazon's regular price on this item, nothing really special price wise. Plus you can usually pick it up a couple of dollars cheaper at Walmart if your willing to make the trip.

But it is a great skillet in itself and Added bonus of it being Made in America.


@starbob: Bought one in the store two weeks ago,good quality pan. My parents had a whole set of these but sadly they got dumped years ago when we all wanted Teflon. Bet they were 50 years old(the pans not my parents) and were in great condition.


@granilithe: Yup, I even saved the "Made in America" tag that was attached to the pan. Sadly it may be a collectors item.


One of these lives on my front right burner. Almost everything gets cooked in it.

Good thing, too. I don't trust the walls in this place to support cast iron should I try to hang it up.


I love my Woot 12'' Cast Iron Skillet. I paid extra for that woot logo ya'know! and proud of it!


We've been using these for a couple years now. We started with just the skillet; now we have two different-sized skillets, a griddle, and a wok. If you take good care of them, they really do get better with age.


Bought for $16.78 - Amazon had a 20% off promo code for kitchen/household goods :-)


@atomicorange: Blah I'm lame. I should have mentioned that that deal expired on May 9. My bad.