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While not a scam, it doesn't qualify as a good deal to me, because you have to actively cancel after you receive a "letter" or else they automatically send you two new books per year. If you don't cancel, you have to send back on your own dime. Didn't these "amazing opportunities" go out in the '80s? Looks like companies are reviving this "deal", which seems to be a deal only for the seller...


@mktglisa: whereas i completely agree it is a PITA, i don't agree it is a scam. i don't reply to the letters, because it does no good. i just write refused on the package when it shows up and it gets returned and they have to pay for the double shipping.


@mktglisa: The '80s? Remember all the Time-Life infomercials, the Columbia Record club, even encyclopedias are still sold this way- to someone.