dealsperfect pairing of yogi teas for $0.00 + freeā€¦


Easy form...
I like Yogi teas, and I'm looking forward to trying a couple of new flavors.


it's not a dup after a year.
thank you


How to get this deal ? tried going over the site and there not able to find any free offer ... please help


@sanjanu: It looks like their website is offline at the moment. Give it another try in a bit. They could be doing maintenance on the hardware, upgrading software, or something just failed.


@moosezilla: Ah, that's good to know. Thank you.

Too bad I can't edit the deal and take that out.. Oh well...


Yeah.. got that now, Thanks for the help


Hey Hey Boo Boo! Let's get us a pic-a-nic basket!

But Yogi, the ranger isn't going to like that.

No worries, Boo Boo!
I'll slip him some of my Yogi teas
For sure that'll set his mind at ease..
I'm smarter than the average bear!


What a shame the Throat Comfort tea is not included in any of the pairings. While not exactly a tea (it's just a blend of herbs), it's incredibly delicious and really quite nice when you're feeling under the weather.

All the same, heck, free good tea.


@snoopjedi: A number of these look like tisanes (blends without tea leaves in them) - the licorice, ginger, detox (hibiscus), and relax (chamomile). Still delicious, as said.


Good deal. Never tried yogi teas so I'm looking forward to the teas.


I can't wait to try these! I have been looking for a new tea. Thanks!