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# Styles:

* Darth Vader - Red Blade - Episode IV A New Hope
* Anakin Skywalker - Blue Blade - Episode III Revenge of the Sith
* Darth Maul (battle damaged) - Red Blade - Episode I The Phantom Menace - Half of the double-bladed saber - Includes special, extra piece to connect two together!
* Asajj Ventress - Red Blade - An evil-looking curved handle, with an extra piece to connect two together!
* Mace Windu - Purple Blade - Episodes I, II, and III
* Luke (ROTJ) - Green Blade - Episode VI Return of the Jedi - When Luke realized his true place as a Jedi and built his own saber in a deleted scene.

# Batteries: Mace Windu, Luke (ROTJ), Darth Maul, and Asajj Ventress all use 3 AAA (not included); Darth Vader and Anakin use 3 AA (not included)
# Dimensions: All sabers are approx 44" long