dealschili's free dessert w/entree for $0.00


I used one of these Chili's coupons last week and they gave me a filthy set of cutlery. big deal things I asked for another set..and the second set also had caked on food on the fork..chunks of it.
So I called the manager who was embarrassed but if this is the Chilis standard no wonder they have to offer lots of cooupons. (raleigh n.c.)


@neilw: I have never had a problem with the one in Portland, ME


@neilw: ahh... you again. I clicked this link -just- to see if you posted. LOL. As I said in my other reply, "take it easy"... will ya?


It says not valid with any other discounts or special offers.... but I wonder if 2 for $20 counts? Likely does, but many servers will overlook it.


@reganmil: Actually I will pass on filthy restaurants,


this comes from people who eat food off the floor, (5 sec. rule) get off ur high horse and realize that the plates, silverware and tables in any public space is filled with germs at any one time


@mortiki: Also bear in mind that just because the franchise in one place is poorly managed doesn't mean they all are. For example, The IHOP where I used to live was very poorly run but the one where I live now is fine.


When did the Chili's logo come to look like the old Intel logo? I'd only be inclined to eat chips from one of them...


@firebirdude: Yes the 2 for $20 is a "special" and the coupon can't be used.


Ummm you are incorrect sir...the 2 for 20.00 is a regular menus is golden.