dealsvibe sound vs-2001-usbt usb turntable/vinyl…


Cool, but I imagine it'd sound like a 92 bit MP3 if you were to rip it...


I bought a similar product a couple of years ago. The sound quality was of my rips, well, let's just say that I gave the turntable away. I listen to a lot of music and this just wasn't making the grade. I'll but the money into purchasing the CD (grrr) of the albums I have owned for 40 years and call this a lesson well learned.


Or use a quality turntable and a decent analogue to digital converter. You can get away with recording with your laptop (desktop PC and soundcard has too much noise). There are several places that make RIAA boxes that have USB output as well.

You can record with much higher sample rates from the analogue source, and record yourself some SACD-quality rips. All you need is decent equipment. (I'm not talking super expensive either, my turntable was $250 and I use my netbook to record from a regular RIAA converter box. 48k or even 96k sample rates instead of CD's 44.1)