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STAY AWAY!!! I ordered 4 of these thinking they might be nice. 3 of the 4 were smashed because those geniuses think wrapping glass candles in butcher paper is sufficient. I called and emailed...NO REPLY. The one candle that wasn't shattered lasted only a few hours. STICK WITH YANKEE CANDLE COMPANY! JUNK CANDLES. JUNK SERVICE.



Please accept our apologies for your damaged shipment. In keeping with our mission and image of environmentally friendly products we package our candles in recycled Kraft paper in an effort to keep our impact on the environment low. We have an extremely low occurrence of damage during shipping. Your order is fully insured and we would have replaced your order immediately upon notification. We are not at all implying that you did not email us however we cannot find any record of such email. There is a return/damaged claim option in your online account with us and this was not completed either. I am not pointing this out to place blame, rather to let you know that had we known your order was damaged we would have replaced your order asap. I have shipped you out a new order and credited your account $50 as gesture of goodwill. I am sorry this occurred!

Ryan Kerns
illumenature Customer Care