dealsfree voucher to buy 1 top holiday title for $1.99…


Yeah, except that deal is poorly worded and needs to have the title changed.

The voucher is not for a FREE mp3 holiday album. The voucher itself is free, but it is to be able PURCHASE a holiday album for $1.99.


I agree, the other post makes it look like the album is free rather than that you get a discount code to reduce the album price to $1.99


@90mcg112: I agree. Most times the original gets reworded and the duplicate gets toasted.


I responded to their email for this offer. I bought it, but am still unsure if I got the album for $1.99 or regular price. They assure that, while regular price is shown in the purchase, you'll get the special deal. Album is downloaded, but no confirmation of the deal yet.
Amazon's digital deal coupons accounting and redemption process is extremely confusing. You have to jump through a series of hoops for it to work. I've wasted money on a number of attempts to navigate and redeem movies and music.


Thanks I got it! One of those albums I was already planning on buying - and now I saved a couple bucks on it :) I love getting new Christmas music and it will be great to listen to on my long drive home today.


@daiuy: It's incredibly annoying, but if something does go wrong Amazon's support has (for me at least) been more than willing to make up for any issues. I had a few different free MP3 credits that I applied to get enough credit to get an album but it didn't apply one and charged me $2 one time; after an email to their support they replied back same day and refunded my card for it.

I really wish they'd give a proper final "checkout" screen showing the actual cost and the actual charge (that more than anything... at no point should you EVER be forced to buy something without knowing the exact charge) and I don't buy much on Amazon digital for that reason. Good service only goes so far, I like to know the details.


Anyone else having issues entering their code? Amazon keeps telling me something went wrong with my claim code.


Called Customer support for my issue with the code and they applied it manually.


A Very She and Him Christmas is fantastic!


@kytti: I kind of got screwed by their poor wording before. It was a similar situation too, a FREE voucher to get a discount.


I had a $2 mp3 promo code amazon emailed me just for the fun of it the other day, so this is perfect! I opted for the Holidays Rule CD, it's the best of the 8 options they were offering, I think. Totally free to me, thank you!


I didn't fare well. I already had a promo balance and Amazon promotions are insanely buggy. Since I had a balance this deal wasn't applied. I contacted support and they issued a refund. Still a pain.


(See my earlier post.) Finally received a notice, which indicates I paid $.99 for this, not $1.99. Credit card account confirms. Perhaps they credited me another $.99 for another download, but that would make it a penny off. Mysterious.


@kylemittskus: Yes it is.

I too have had a lot of problems with this. They need to redo their whole deal system. I should be able to see the coupon applied BEFORE I pay.


Worked for me. I had a two dollar credit that I received a couple of days ago so with this credit, I paid nothing.

Subtotal of items: $7.99
Discounts/Promotions: -$7.99
Total before tax: $0.00
Tax Collected: $0.00
Total for this Order: $0.00

The following item was ordered: The Essential NOW That's What I Call Christmas [MP3 Download]$7.99
By: Various artists
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.