deals55" 1080p 120hz lcd hdtv for $699.99 + free…


Does anyone know of this element company?


@jrhyne: From my understanding, Element is a lower-tier RCA brand. I'm not strictly a "name brand" buyer, but buying a refurb Element HDTV may be a case of getting what you pay for.

And that's not say this isn't a great deal for certain people. Upvoted anyway for the great price.


That free HDMI cable is worth almost as much as the tv... if you were shopping at best buy.


@bknabl: +1. I saw the value of the cable at only $2.99 so I figured it must only transmit the signal in black & white at standard definition. Everyone knows you need a $100 cable for good picture quality...


That is not a very good price. All elements considered.


If this really is RCA in disguise, stay far away. Had one for 6 months and actually started smoking.


@ocnomad: Were you watching Cinemax when it started smoking? If so, it might be understandable... :)


$50 cheaper from if you are willing to pick it up. Probably a wash if you wanted to ship it home:


@wnyx585am: You do not need a $100 cable for a good picture, when will people learn. When it comes to HDMI cables it does not matter if it cost you $4 (which you can get this price at fry's) or if it costs you $100. ITS THE SAME THING, all it does is send digital 0's and 1's. You can't improve on it or worsen it with the quality of the cable, shielding and signal strength and other factors do not matter like it did with old RCA technology. Don't trust me? Go look it up on Google. So buy the $4 cable and I bet you it will be every bit as good as the $100 cable since its exactly the same thing


@evo255x: My comment was actually sarcasm. I guess I should have put a smiley face with it. It is sad, though, that there are people who believe and buy into that kind of marketing.


@wnyx585am: Don't worry, your sarcasm was obvious.


I have a 32' element and it works okay as my bedroom tv. But the colors look terrible. I wouldnt get this as your main tv.


@timaishu: I would think any 32 foot television would look terrible. :)