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This is a decent price for vanilla beans. Madagascar beans are the most common ones. Mexican beans are a lot more expensive. Tahitian beans, which genetically the same, taste different.

I am not familiar with this vendor. The two reviews are both five star, but both buyers don't seem to buy vanilla often.

I buy mine from With their cheapest shipping the price is comparable. I like buying by weight rather than count. I also buy (surprise) saffron from them.

If you haven't used vanilla beans instead of extract you should give it a try, especially in things like ice cream and custards.


I upped the deal just for the information about the seller, but if you look at the landing page on Amazon, you can get a better deal just by ordering a larger quantity.

For example: 1/4 lb. (approximately 35 beans from another one of their listings) is $15-16.

I can't resist getting 100% more product for 50% price increase...but then again, I think I have a problem.


I don't usually buy more than a few beans at a time, but given that the average grocery store will rake you over the coals for 5 bucks PER BEAN, I think I'll give this a shot.

I can't imagine that these will let me down, and the best part is after you are done scraping the black tar vanilla goodness from the insides, you stick the spent pods in your sugar jar. Over time it will infuse your sugar with vanilla! Vanilla sugar is perfect for baked goods and I keep a separate 5 lb air-tight container of it (along with mint-sugar and plain).


@madcow19: I get 20-25 a quarter pound from, so these must be smaller beans.


I've been paying quite a bit for vanilla sugar to be shipped to me. Now I'll have a chance to make my own, as well as get the other goodies...the goo and the ground beans. I first had vanilla sugar in Mexico where it was sold in a box full of small, sugar-pack sized (what are the odds?) packets of the stuff. It was sooo good, but I've never found it since. It was from a large supermarket in Puerto Vallarta, and I've looked all over that town to find some more. Online searches haven't yielded anything. So if anyone knows about the little vanilla sugar packets, please post!


So, anyone think that this price is too good to be true? Because I'm leaning that way... But man, if it's not... great price!


It's possibly not too good to be true. I order vanilla beans at a very reasonable price, and often times get them for free, from Make my own vanilla sugar to make baked goods from and it makes a huge difference. Don't know anything about this vendor though.


@craigthom: re:; I don't know how long their vanilla has been sitting, but here is a direct quote from their website regarding their saffron:
"Below is our most recent laboratory report (3/12/08). With each importation, we demand a lab report for that particular shipment, not one made three years ago."

Interestingly, one of their certifications is from Iran, so I am guessing they have switched suppliers a long time ago.......


This is very interesting to me - vanilla beans are a premium product and seeing them for a low cost like this makes the deal worth a shot.

Williams-Sonoma charges $10 for two Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans (shipped free):

For some homemade vanilla ice cream (yes, I know it's winter - but ice cream is good any time!), vanilla beans are a must.

Going to give it a shot!


I got vanilla beans last year from this ebay store

They were great, used them for cooking and made homemade vanilla extract. They also sent me a pack of prime beans for free..

This is not a bad deal if you just want a few to play around with and don't want to deal with ebay.


@zippy the pinhead: You're right, the site is badly out of date. I've ordered since 2008, but it's been a while.

I found that they have a blog and a Facebook page, but neither has been updated since early 2011. I found a couple of reviews for their storefront on Yelp, but I don't think they get much weight.

I will not recommend them again until I've got better data. I will call them and ask why the site is so far out of date when I get a chance.


@erinnstreeter: wow...what a great idea...i just ordered the beans and i'm gonna try it.
thanks for posting that link!


I am just getting into beer making could I use this in a recipe?


@badcatstl: I got vanilla beans from that same ebay seller about a month ago and made vanilla extract. Looks like it was a better deal too.

I'm interested in the vanilla sugar. How do you go about making that?


@zippy the pinhead: When I purchased my vanilla from (I got their "chef quality" beans). It was all vacuum packed and seemed fresh as best as I could tell. Certainly was fresher than most in standard grocery stores (those always look dry to me).

Given that I got ~100 beans for $30 including shipping (gets better if you can get others to go in on more volume of beans, etc). 16 for $10 seems still a little pricy. That said, if you can't split an order with friends and neighbors, 16 may be the right amount for you.


@adamcahill: Like maleficarum said above, it's as easy as sticking your spent beans in a container of sugar and waiting. (The waiting is the hard part.) But once you've started, you'll have vanilla sugar for life. Use a bean for a recipe, drop it the vanilla sugar jar. Run low on vanilla sugar, add more sugar to the container (you'll probably want to do that as you use it).


@steelwells: Well, I have to say, using Williams-Sonoma to price compare is like using the Government Contracted Rate for hardware as your starting point. Seriously. Their prices are so far above the norm as to be laughable in most cases.

For comparison I checked which like another person mentioned, I also use. Their regular non-sale prices right now are $13.00 for 8 Madagascar and $7.50 for 4 Mexican beans. So a little bit more than the deal offered here but not obnoxiously so. Not to mention that about every 3-4 months they offer a special of 6 free Madagascar beans with any other order. Beans are good, moist and vacuum packed.

Heck, even a local high-end luxury spice retailer only charges 10 bucks for 4 certified organic, free-trade happy feel good new age Madagascar beans.


mom enjoys cooking with exotic things, looks like a fine stocking stuffer


After I scraped the beans, I mixed that in with sugar and let it set. Making the vanilla extract was excellent for Christmas gifts last year, unfortunately it's a little too late for gifts this year. Use a decent alcohol. Svedka is what we used. Also we got bottles from here: and just printed labels from office depot and tied some ribbon around. I've heard you can make your own kahula. Have not tried that yet.


I have purchased these before through Amazon and give them a thumbs-up. I've used them in baking and in making my own extracts (w/bourbon and rum). I think it's a good deal for a quality product.


@erinnstreeter: I'm confused by the vanilla recipe...first it says to order 1lb vanilla beans but later says to use 24 vanilla beans.
This $9.99 deal is for 16 beans(2/3 of 24 which should be 2/3 of a pound). This same deal also lists 1lb of beans for $45(but doesn't list how many beans that would be).......
The numbers just don't add up, unless that recipe assumes beans that are many times the size of the ones for sale in this deal......


@jjeff: @jjeff: This is the recipe I used. This is my friend's blog, and this isn't an exact science either.

If you had 16 beans, I'd just use a fifth of alcohol of your choice. That should be plenty.


@badcatstl: I bought vanilla beans from them this year. Price is still great and they still send free beans with your order. i bought a POUND of vanilla beans for $26.95. Shipping was $5.50 and they arrived quickly. I'm making a GALLON of homemade vanilla to give as Christmas gifts this year. :)


@badcatstl: Thanks for the link, but now I'm even more confused.......
Your link says 1/5th of Vodka(no mention of using both vodka and DARK rum as in the previous recipe but your recipe says you can use "clear" rum(says to NOT use dark as listed in the previous recipe) instead of vodka) and 10 beans.
Later in the recipe it says they will be using a 1.75L bottle of vodka along with 20 beans???
I'm not familiar with a 1/5th but my guess is it's much smaller than 1/2 of 1.75L....still confused.


@jjeff: she used 20 +/- beans in her large bottle. I used closer to 25. So if you just had 15 beans the 750ml bottle of vodka would work. You don't have to use vodka. It's what I did and I know it worked and I could see the color change over time easily


@badcatstl: Thanks, don't mean to be a pain, like you said I guess it's not an exact science.
I think I'm going to go ahead and order some beans and try making some. Many years ago a work colleague brought me back a 16 oz bottle of real vanilla from Honduras(I think, I know it was in South America). Anyway it was 10x as good as the vanilla you get in the store, it was a pleasure to just smell the vanilla and tasted delicious in whipped cream!


@jjeff: not a problem, I had the advantage of someone I knew to ask when I did it. It will darken over time. I have been cooking with mine and it is fantastic and way less expensive.