deals20 packs cr2032 button battery for $3.51 + freeā€¦


I will NEVER order from Suntek store again. I placed an order with them a while back, only to have my credit card information or stolen by or from them, and used to go on a spending spree with my card.

Feel free to Google Suntek Store stolen CC information, it happened on March of this year with more than just a few cards, and making a LOT of angry people.

You can find some of the reports of stolen CC information here and head back a few pages deeper into March to see more complaints of stolen CC information and fraudulent charges.

Hence my downvote.


Skip to 0:04, and although you get more out of this deal I wouldn't recommend buying from a site that's had many reports of stolen credit cards... Just sayin'


Thank you for adding that comment, I was going to buy them, but not with that review.

Sorry it happened.


I wanted CR2016 and those are even cheaper. Having read the other comments, the site says that it uses Paypal and that would solve the CC problems. But I can't get past the shipping page so I guess I won't be ordering anything. It just hangs.

Edit: it did finally go through. Most sites send you to Paypal and then confirm your order. This one confirms the order and then sends you to Paypal. Weird but if it worked, then fine.

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@tiamat THANK YOU! I was close to ordering these for my dad. Just checked out your link and saw how many people have had their CC# stolen by this place. You just saved me from dealing with their BS. Woot needs to remove merchants like this.


You pay by paypal so no risk of CC# being stolen.


@tiamat114: Dear Friend, firstly my most sincere apologies for the bad experience. Early this year, our site had been attacked and part of our clients credit cards info got stolen. We had then immediately taken additional measures and cancelled credit card payments. Up to now, it turns out that no one has any trouble with the payments.

However, we will try our best to improve our service quality. If you have any other opions about our website, we'd appreciated you can inform us. Your ideas will be seriously taken into consideration by us.



@bocnroc: Sorry to hear that. You can see what our customers say about us through . We had canceled payments through credit cards and things like this has never happened again. We care about our customers. If you have any questions, please reach us at customer_service (please add or by calling +86-13725596257 during our office hours (9am to 6pm HKT/GMT+8, Monday through Friday). Thanks.


@dgk: Thanks for your understanding. Your suggestion will be considered :)


@staticbzzz: Dear Friend, sorry to hear that. Our site did suffer from hacker attacking early this year. And we had then immediately taken additional measures and cancelled payments through credit cards. Up to now, it turns out that no one has any trouble with the payments. You can say what our customers say through . You can also call us or email us to see if we are swindlers. :)


For $3.51, I will take the chance with them and paypal....


@gregchico: Thanks for your try & trust. If you have any questions about your order, please reach us at customer_service (please add or by calling +86-13725596257 during our office hours (9am to 6pm HKT/GMT+8, Monday through Friday).


@suntekstore: The database or the field at least should be encrypted.


@bocnroc: Wow! That's soo cool! I needed new batteries for my glow Trolls. You know the ones with the funny hair? I'll do this instead!


I need about 2 per year. Can I get 5-6 people to go in on this with me? We could meet at a Denny's that's convienent to all and split the package up.


@tucnguyen: Yes, we had encrypted the database. :)


I have had my CC stolen several times now off the web. The AMX is just stolen somewhere and used. Then AMX calls to see if it is me, I say no.

Then it shows up on my bill and now I got my wife very worried and new cards sent out. Oh I forgot I then spend several hours calling all the places where I use this one CC to bill to it automatically bill pay such as cable, home phone etc.

I lost no money, AMX covered $230 stolen.
BUT I DID LOSE HALF OF MY SATURDAY. So I am not being as flip even when using my paypal.

Good Luck Wooters


I have ordered from Suntekstore, and got fast (enough) shipping and items that were worth the price. Is a shame about the past CC problem, but just use Paypal. I wouldn't hesitate if I wanted these batteries.


This is a much more reputable site that is offering the same product for $3.43, I've ordered these several times for my various electronics. They seem like decent batteries and you cant beat the price. Expect 2-4 weeks for delivery however.


@cdf12345: Thanks for the information. We will forward it to the Purchasing Dept. :)


In for 1 (using Paypal).

Also, just learned something from Paypal... I normally switch the payment source from my Bank Account to a credit card (gives me an additional discount, plus I don't have to pay for up to six weeks). However, as this is an International Payment, Paypal (kindly ;) pointed out that my CC issuer might charge a foreign transaction fee of up to 3% (or about $0.10 in this case).


@suntekstore: I ordered one and did the Paypal thing, which hung for over ten minutes. So I went to check on my order and got the following (not a very helpful) order status report:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ZendControllerDispatcherException' with message 'Invalid controller specified (welcome.nsf)' in /usr/share/php/Zend/Controller/Dispatcher/Standard.php:242 Stack trace: #0 /usr/share/php/Zend/Controller/Front.php(946): ZendControllerDispatcherStandard->dispatch(Object(ZendControllerRequestHttp), Object(ZendControllerResponseHttp)) #1 /var/www/stk/istore/app/Istore.php(123): ZendControllerFront->dispatch() #2 /var/www/stk/istore/app/Istore.php(66): Istore->dispatch(Object(ZendControllerFront)) #3 /var/www/stk/istore/public/index.php(5): Istore->bootstrap() #4 {main} thrown in /usr/share/php/Zend/Controller/Dispatcher/Standard.php on line 242

I'll check again later, but you might want to check the above with your tech people...


@baqui63: Hi, the 'Track Order Status' part is under maintenance at the moment. Please contact customer_service (please add to check your order. Thanks :)


@baqui63: Interesting - they're making the credit cards to the currency exchange and hence the charge. Thanks for the info. FYI - Capital One is one of the few credit card companies that do not charge the 3% foreign currency fee.


@tucnguyen: Hello again. :) Yes, Cap1 is my goto card (simplest rewards system, low interest (not that I pay it often) and as much as some people seem to complain about them, I've never had a problem.