dealssymphony of eternity: appstore for android for $0…


Just installed it. The graphics are pretty good, somewhere around super nintendo final fantasy. The storyline has moved pretty quick, less than 2 minutes of spin up time before you get right into it.

The combat system seems really intuitive, a simple 4 option tap interface, allowing you to run, attack, use item, or special.

the movement takes a little getting used to. you tap where you want to go, but it doesnt figure out a route around obstacles for you.

overall, looks really good.


i've never been big into RPG's (although i did play a couple of the final fantasy games) but this is a good one so far. graphics are dated but its no big deal on a phone. definitely worth the time to download


The basic setup is nearest to Final Fantasy 6, especially the overhead map. The battles are pretty similar except for the cutaway from the battle screen itself to select certain options, but this is OK since it's entirely turn based - no time wasted. The dialogue is a little hokey, but it definitely feels old school, and it's worth an upvote in my book.


after playing further, im really quite impressed. The game gets right to the point, dialogues are short and sweet, just what i want from a phone RPG.

The best part however, is the auto-battle function. Just turn it on and the characters will auto attack until you turn it off. It really speeds things up.


so you have the HP bar, and the magic bar, butwhat is the other bar underneath those two? it turns red when it fills up to 100%


@ndcouch: Its like a Super Powered Attack , when it is full on the Top right you will see a option for "Break"


I beat the main game awhile back. It was pretty decent. The virtual joystick, at the time, was pretty bad, but the game was fine once I changed the controls to touch (YMMV, I was playing on my tablet).

The special areas and extra bosses though...yikes.


@jonthomasdesigns: good to know. so it just adds more damage to a regular move?