dealsfirefly [sd+hd]: season 1 instant video free w…


@jsimsace: Dear god in heaven....blah...blah....blah....good journey.



I like how the title implies there are other seasons, and then I start to weep


You can also watch it on Netflix, if you're a Netflix member. Not a deal =/


The series will be on Science Channel July 4 starting at 8am EDT.
14 episodes of 43 min or so in an hour, including one double-length one to start with.


Firefly is hands-down one of the most awesome shows I have ever seen. There is definitely something for everyone: swashbuckling, humor, drama, mystery, romance. I love it!


I can't put a negative on this post but it's not necessarily a "deal". Everyone should watch this and I'm glad it's pretty readily available with all subscribers and many formats for free or hella cheap. If only there were more episodes. I would be out of control with happiness.


Hey look, the lucky number 84th time Firefly or Serenity has made it on Deals.Woot! Yay :-( Every time I see it on Deals.Woot, I like it less.


Saying this is "free" is like saying content on Netflix is "free" to subscribers.


@djp519: I guess we should start posting netflix "deals" now...


It's free with the free Prime trial. That is free free, not Netflix free or Crocs free shipping free. I'm sure there are more fly-by-night, copyright-infringing t-shirt sites or ohcheri deals you can go upvote if you're unhappy with the number of Firefly posts.


@xochiluvr: So by that logic I can go ahead and post 8,000 netflix movies because you can try netflix for free too. Free free. See?


@zuiquan: This really has turned into one of the oddest pissing contests yet. :)


@justafreak: What do you expect? These people to have jobs or something?