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I wouldn't touch Hisense if my life depended on it. Let alone a refurbished one.


I've never even heard of Hisense. What the heck is it?


Hisense is a newer, but solid brand. Check the reviews on Amazon for Hisense Tvs. Best bang for the buck out there right now in TVland.


Hisense is a chinese tv manufacturer. They make their own tvs, but do use samsung panels if i am not mistaken.


Hisense is among the top five tech manufacturers in the world. They have been making BBuy TV house brands. 8 million smart phones sold last year outside the US.
They had the largest booth at CES 2013 (MS gave it up). Introduced an 80" UHD 3D-TV, no glasses required. This podcast from CES describes what they offer:


@david85712: That might be true, but offerings like this are most certainly not anywhere near their high-end offerings like what gets debuted at CES.
If they're the ones who make Best Buy and WalMart's house brands, then I'd advise people to stay well away from their budget offerings (which seems to be all that are available in the US), as those brands are of terrible quality and durability.