dealsfarberware 6 piece resin knife set for $29.99…


I can't speak to the quality of these knives, but I have some colored resin Kai knives. They definitely occasion comment from basically anyone who sees them. The resin isn't perfect, but it does help some with the sticking. If you don't mind paying a little extra, I recommend going with the Kai Komachi knives instead. Farberware seems to be a pretty okay middle of the line knife producer, but these still feel like imitations.

I've seen a lot of them for about $4-5 per at discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Ross.


I LOVE these knives. I am a college kid that loves COLOR and these are absolutely perfect. I have them hanging on my Ikea magnetic knife rack above my stove ( The magnet even works through the plastic "sheaths" I got with them. However I don't know if they are included with this particular set... I have not had any problems with the resin coming off. I hand wash them and have never put them in the dishwasher.


These would really put some color in a homicide. If god forbid someone stabs you in the head. Well at least its a pretty purple.


I bought some of the Komachi knives a while ago but have yet to have a chance to use them.


so are these appropriate for clown murder, or are the colors not bright enough?


Pretty good deal as their own web site is 39.99