dealsrubbermaid easy find 28-piece food storage set…


Noticed this deal as well...we have a similar set we bought @ SAMs last November for a similar price.

Very solid, lots of vinyl content in the bottoms and tops so they don't feel like that hard, cheap plastic in lesser brands.

The way the tops of same size snap together and then to the bottom of a stack of bottoms does make it easy to keep them together.

The the groves are fairly open, making them fairly easy to clean.


'Just wish Walmart hadn't trashed the old Rubbermaid company with predatory price demands.

We miss the old Rubbermaid company and its well-made, innovative products. Truly sad that Walmart drove Rubbermaid into the arms of unimaginative conglomerate Newell.


Check Walmart's Black Friday (Thursday) ad. I believe this same set will be $6 and some change.

I have this set at home....also bought it from Sam's club. It is good quality and I love the ability to stack and lock.... innovative enough for me and also fits my budget.


Not sure if this deal is available in store, but our Sunday paper has a $1.00 coupon for Rubbermaid easyfind stuff.