dealswestern digital red wd30efrx 3tb hard drive for…


Goto Newegg and it is 169.99 not 149.99


@paulneibarger: Use code EMCXVXM23 to knock $20 off the price and get it to $149.99.


must use promo code EMCXVXM23



Nevermind, it's $10 instant discount and then $10 coupon code to equal $20.

Got it, thanks!!!


@coondogg97: look at the very bottom, after it mentions the -$100. it should say that your "Grand Total" is $749.95

The usual Newegg price is $179.99, there's $10 off right now, then the $20 coupon, so it totals $149.99 per drive.


@joymonkey: You must have posted as I figured it out, thanks!

I am in the middle of building a NAS machine so this was perfect! Thanks for costing me a grand before 9am OP!!


awww man i was just coming over here to browse for these. Am planning on building a nas in the next month or so, maybe this deal will pop up again or something similar.


@joymonkey: I'm hoping you meant $149.99, not $749.99. LOL, sorry, I'm sure it was just a typo. I just did a double take the first pass around.


I was torn between these and regular Seagates for my NAS. I went Seagate even though they're technically not for NAS, because there are a lot of awful reviews on these Reds. 26% 1-egg? A LOT of DOAs? No thanks.

Cue the hard drive brand fight.


These are great drives for a NAS, just make sure your PC supports drives over 2TB. I use them in my fileserver, going to add one to the raid since they're on sale!


I just finished researching these. It seems Newegg has more DOAs than Amazon due to shipping. Just keep it in mind, Amazon has a better (read: free shipping) return policy.


Awesome price, but the failure rate on these seems too high for me to trust my data to them.


Remember though, Amazon charges tax, Newegg only charges tax in 3 states. Texas: $750 instead of $811 for 5. DOA's happen.


@davidmcgill: Yes, but Newegg also charges shipping too return DOA's. That I have a problem with, and I don't have to pay tax on amazon. That's where I have a problem with Newegg. Plus the one time I have had an issue, they made it a PITA to try and fix.