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I just got into photography (Canon rebel xs) and have been looking for a telephoto lens. This seems like a real good price; is there something I am missing for this? I am just wanting range but still want a good quality lens. My only other lens is the stock 18-55mm.


As a background I have been into photography for quite a long time, started on film when I was a teenager and worked professionally for a couple years. I have shot Canon pretty much the whole time. I believe that everyone that shoots Canon has this lens when they start out. It really is the bottom of the barrel as far as quality goes but it still is quite functional and works rather well as a starter lens. It is quite soft and you will experience a significant amount of distortion as both ends of the zoom range, pin-cushion at one end and barrel distortion at the other. Now, if none of the previous sentence made any sense then you would probably never noticed any of those problems. I still have the 75-300 that I bought 12 years ago somewhere but I stopped using it once I was able to obtain better gear.
As a reference here is a collection of shots taken with this lens proving that you can still take decent shots with it:


I got this lens dirt cheap as part of a bundle a month ago, and agree with what @bindsocket had to say as well as the linked Amazon review above. A decent telephoto zoom lens if you can't afford anything better. Should probably be used on a tripod when lighting isn't too good. I prefer using my EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS II lens. But that lens does cost more.


@bowlingb: Thanks for the info. And to everyone else that replied. I will buy one. I know what I'm getting into and for $100 I think its a good way to see if I want to keep getting more involved in the hobby. I have had lots of fun with the stock lens so far and am excited to use this one.