dealsdark chocolate champagne truffles for $7.95…


In for one. Website is easy to use and no problems getting the free shipping.


Apparently it's 4 chocolates for 8 bux. I think I'd rather have Godiva for that price.


@chipgreen: Don't know. I buy Godiva chocolates at Macy's. You could google to see if Godiva even has a website to see if they have any free shipping, or any store website that sells Godiva.

This store posts just about every day though, and their candy is never a good deal. It is almost always at least twice the price you can buy exactly the same candy at the grocery store, so it's not "free shipping", the shipping charge is just built in to their price.

Now, I will say, I've never heard of champagne truffles and I guess 8 bux for 4 chocolates wouldn't be too bad for a novelty gift for Valentine's day--or any other special day, but I wouldn't buy them on a regular basis. But then, I wouldn't buy these anyway. They don't even sound good to me.