dealstax day sale on entertainment books for $10.40…


This is a great deal. All the students around here sell these for $35. If nothing else, this is a way to get one and honestly tell them "we already have one" :)

I think these expire in November, though, so you're only getting about half the time you normally would.


My folks got me one of these. I never used it, not for lack of trying.


Is this a rip-off site??
I wanted two books. I went through the entire process, but they rejected TWO credit cards that I KNOW are just fine.
Now they have my email, two credit card info, and my billing address.
I don't feel good about this at all!


@lazarus2: They're legit. If you register with them they'll send you periodic emails when new ones come out or when they go on sale (like these are). But it's only maybe a half-dozen times a year. I've bought them 5 or 6 times and never had any issue with unwanted charges on my credit card.
They're different in different cities. The one here has dropped a lot of the places I liked to use it for, so it's only worthwhile for me when the prices have dropped like this. I never buy them full-price. They run out the 1st or 2nd of November so you'll only have about 6 months to use them. I can get enough discounts to match what I paid for the book, but some of the best discounts are out of reach for me. There's a grocery store that has $10 coupons 4 times during the year (so there'd only be two remaining at this point) but you have to buy over $100 to get it, and I never buy that much at once. Most of the restaurant/fast-food coupons are buy-one-get-one free or b-o-g-o half price.


Proof that people auto up vote sponsored deals. I posted this exact deal yesterday and got 9 votes. Also can I tattle a sponsored post? :)


Yea, the website is rejecting my credit card as well. sigh I tried to update my billing address, even though it's correct, and now it's telling me my ZIP is wrong, which it isn't.

Oh, and now, since it failed to process my card three times, it won't show me any "Process order" buttons.


@jeremytheindian: Or maybe it's just a lot easier to spot a sponsored deal than one that gets lost in the shuffle...


All the places listed near me already blast my mailbox with coupons.


@tsfisch: I think we all know that's not the only reason.


The price of these books goes down through the year every year as more of the book expires... price drop is normal! We've bought them a few times, never been worth it for us. We live too far out of either major city- 90% of the coupons are for places too far to be worth the trip.


I know that this might not sit well with everybody...did you guys ever think that the kids that sell these for $25 or $35 are trying to raise funds for their teams, school programs, etc.

Did you ever think that the kids that go from door to door selling these are learning additional skills like sales, communications, independence?

Consider supporting them...will ya! And the society and the community!


Dangit, I just bought one a month or so ago for $17. :( I use the heck out of mine. It more than pays for itself.


I'm glad to hear it's not just me having problems. I tried 3 different cards under two different names. All came back "unable to process". Then it tells me my zip code isn't valid. I sent an email to their customer service telling them this is ridiculous and how are they going to handle the situation. Waiting on a response....


@jeremytheindian: Is for me... I rarely check past page 1 and always check the sponsored deals... usually I vote on the sponsored deals and not usually on the others... just saying it probably isn't a conspiracy - or is it?


@archerman2000: agreed. I check woot once a day to see the sponsored deals. I normally click through a page or two of the other deals, but I don't have time to keep up with everything that's posted.


I ALWAYS order them from school. I believe the school gets 50%, which is great. I usually order more when they "give" them away, like this deal. I might order another or two. I do prefer the Kidstuff books though, also sold through the schools.


@archerman2000: Not a conspiracy... just a mad dash for rep points. Trying to get best voter status.


only available in select areas all of which are listing 17.50 or higher