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FYI: Spanish 'Saffron' is usually Safflower.


I'm just wild about Saffron.....


@chaseathompson: I'm thinking you might be a little confused, my understanding is safflower is also referred to as Mexican or American saffron which will not give the distinctive flavor of saffron to dishes it is used as a substitute in. Unless they are pulling a bait and switch, this deal is for real saffron from Spain and a high grade of it.

If any foodies out there want an even higher quality, look for Coupe grade, this is what I have at home from this local spice shop:
Every thread is a deep red and gives a great color to your dish, along with the flavor.

This looks like a good deal if you need $25+ in spices, though their regular price is higher than I paid for the Coupe grade I have, but this site has free shipping.


@chaseathompson: Saffron is from the Saffron crocus flower. Safflower is often processed into oil - saffron just can't be processed into oil. Harvesting Saffron is labor intensive - and it has a distinctive, subtle floral flavor. 1 gram may not seem like much, but it can be used sparingly (don't 'waste' it by using it with cumin or curry, they'll overpower it). I got some of this before, it's really good.


@chaseathompson: As acaras notes, you're thinking of "Mexican saffron". At a 1-gram offering, I'd bet this is not a fraudulent offer.

Anytime you see "saffron" offered for less than $25 an ounce, you can bet it's the fake, which is sadly legal to sell as "saffron". Even $25 is lowballing...


@joemarfice: Dat herb is pricey man!
Yah, but it's worth it. High grade herb.


@joemarfice: So this staffon is fake too? Because they are selling at 1g for $13, and 1 g free with purchase of $25... So I could buy 3 grams for $26.. Must be really fake by your logic.


@gratis: Sorry dude but he said it is fake for $25/ounce, not gram. They sell it for over $171 an ounce. That makes it around 7x NOT fake.


@retropetro14: True enough, he started out talking about 1 gram and then switched to 1 oz.. Which I guess I missed. I swear it said grams when I read it, but I guess I missed that unit switch...

Damn you imperial units!


Afghanistan has some really nice high-quality saffron. My wife got a bunch for me when she was there. Even as expensive as saffron is I don't know if there's enough money in it to stop farmers from growing poppy. Also, warlords seem to prefer poppies...


@iluivatar: Some one had to pick that up ..... Good memory !!