dealsled flashlight, cree t6 5-mode 1000-lumen memory…


(1x18650 Not Included) which you will certainly need if you do not already have one. Check out --> to get batteries and a charger. Ultimately, this battery will end up costing you about $20 if you include the cost of a battery and charger.


18650 Lithium Ion re-chargeable batteries are a great power source. Light and powerful.
I've got a CREE 300 lumen 18650 flashlight and that is bright.
Can't imagine what 1000 lumen will do.


Reviews say THIS IS ONLY 300 LUMENS.. So take that for whatever it's worth.

Without every seeing it though, from my experience with Chinese made CREE lights I'd say 300-400 is really likely.

Still a REALLY bright flashlight :).. and if you don't already have a CREE light that's at least 200lm I'd say go for it. Everyone I've ever showed one to or given one too is amazed at how much brighter CREE light's are than standard.. you can't really appreciate how much better these are until you've seen one.


I am a locksmith and have bought many similar lights from Meritline. They are great, Cree bulbs and drivers are unmatched. Shipping can take a while(up to 3 weeks) but it is totally worth it. Every cop and security guard I show these things to buys one and gets ride of their Maglite.


The batteries are way too expensive, they also sell a very nice light w/ 450 lumins which uses just 1 AA. If you need more light just use two of them.


I have a more than a few cree T5 and T6 bulb flashlights ranging from 300lm to 4000lm. They are very bright and well worth the money. The rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries are nice but they can be very dangerous so please research on them a bit before using them. Simplified, if they are overcharged they will likely not work anymore and could explode or cause a fire. If they are over drained they could cause a fire or explode as well. There are basically two battery versions, one has a chip on the neg end that cuts over current once it drops past a certain voltage. The other is unprotected. The protected ones are more expensive but are so much safer and you won't kill them by over using them. If you buy an Xtar II charger, it will cut off the charging once the battery is peaked. I have found that charger used with a protected battery to be the best one for me. If you are careful you can use the unprotected cells but just change batteries once it even starts to look like its dim


About the 18650 batteries, beware the ---fire ones.

I read that they are mostly fakes that are just repackaged laptop batteries and has a high change of exploding. Also, they are also only around 900 mAh, So if you want to get a 18650, get the good ones, like panasonic.

If anyone has better information, please correct me and also point me in the right direction of a good cheap reliable 18650 battery as well.


What is CREE? Is it a brand name or an acronym or what?


@echkbet: It's a brand name. Plug it in to eBay search and see what comes up ;)