deals50ft retractable garden hose with free bonus…


Not sure if they are everywhere but ocean state job lot has these for $9.99


That and it is cheaper on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.


Bought one of these from eBay in February. It blew out at the end fitting last month. Used about five or six times. Rolled up and stored in shed when not in use. Not a good record for this hose. My old rubber hose cost about the same and has lasted around 15 years.


I work in a store that sells this type of hose. Don't waste your money. They are constantly being returned for being faulty.


@ruouttaurmind @tabby

x2 on your posts. Mine also blew out at the end fitting after a few uses and the store I returned to said they get them back all the time.


This does sound interesting.