dealscold steel mini koga self defense tool for $4.85


Koga is spelled right. It is named after its inventor, Robert (Bob) Koga, who was an LAPD officer, but more recently founded the Koga Institute Arrest Control System. Notable police department that uses Koga include Aurora, CO. APD used the Koga system in taking James Holmes into custody on the night of 7/20/12.

This Cold Steel item is a similar but not exact model of Koga's "SD1" device. To be trained in the proper use of the SD1, there is a 12 hour class that awards a certificate. The SD1 is carried primarily by correction officers (as firearms are normally not permitted in jails) and police officers. When properly used, the SD1 can make traditional Akido throws and control holds much more effective and easier to perform.

The traditional method for carrying an SD1 is stuffed in the front waistband at a slight angle pointing in towards the carriers groin, as to help conceal the item better, though SD1 holsters are purchasable.

Most states do not consider an SD1 a dangerous weapon.


"Mini self-defense tool," huh?
Is that what they're calling them now?


Misleading calling it "Cold Steel" when it's made out of plastic


@magick72: Maybe plastic is the new cold steel.


Exercise your kegels for self defense. Don't be a weakling with kegels who can't defend themselves.