dealsfantom drives diamond 1.5tb 64mb cache usb 2.0…


I looked everywhere and could not find a review for you. Fantom drives in general appear to have decent reviews (4-5 stars on almost all of them). According to cnet MSRP is $79.95 but no one sells it for that (strange). Note that Amazon is also selling it for $89.99, but with free 2 day shipping for prime.

It's a GREAT price for 1.5TB if you're willing to take the risk.


Amazon is currently out of stock, so it's just


I had a 2 TB Fantom drive I bought in June of 2010 that had crapped out in August 2011, just outside their 1 year warranty. I didn't open it up to see what drive they had inside (I will be soon, to see if it's salvageable) but I'd be weary. But if you're hurting for storage space, it could be a good option.


@krazyk412: At the moment, mechanical HDD prices are like triple what they were a couple months ago after one of the largest manufacturing plants got flooded, so that's probably why it's so expensive.

Look up any HDD, internal or external, and the price is going to be jacked up higher than socks in the 80s.