dealstoshiba 1tb hard drive - 7200 rpm, sata, 3.5…


Be Warned, Tiger has horrible rebates, and if you get them at all, it take a while...


Gotta read the fine print.

Be sure to have your drive shipped to your BILLING ADDRESS. If you have it shipped to another address, you're not likely to get your rebate.


Assuming the rebate process works out (and that, unfortunately, can sometimes be a bold assumption), this is a fantastic price for a 1TB drive.


Given that you can get 2TB HDDs for $80 (Newegg just had some Seagates on sale for $70), if you're just looking at cost/GB, then this isn't a good buy, even assuming the rebate does in fact come (and if it doesn't, for the price you pay, you could get a 2TB).


Rebate should never be a problem. Scan your documents and they more than likely come. These days its a gift card.You can usually get a rush on it, but it's usually like 8 dollars. Not worth it, just be patient. I will see if I purchase this deal. I don't really need it, but it's well worth it. HD are going down as Technology for these get better and faster. Just create a google doc or something to keep track of the rebates you seek. I'm gonna sleep on this and decide tomorrow if I will buy. Good deal if you NEED one.