dealszip tips zipper repair for $2.00


Shipping starts at $ 3.98


Even with the shipping it's a deal if it will fix my winter coat with the missing zipper slide.


These things are cheap and flimsy. Does not snap shut well, easily reopens.

Tossed in trash.


Reviews are terrible, and even checking the video it shows you need to remove the original zipper to begin with. If you're able to do that, might as well get a real zipper on it at that point.


Don't work. Flimsy as stated above. I tried all sizes on multiple garments and could not get any to stay on

Directions should say:

Remove from package, place directly in trash

Sux cause I purchased three sets last time


I have an old snow board jacket that the zipper recently broke on and was thinking of this. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? The zipper was cracked so it fell off. It is an old jacket so I was hoping to do it myself since it is great for plowing snow.


Take it to a luggage repair shop. usually they will be willing to replace the Zip and always have some heavy duty and long zippers on hand.
That, or go to the local cleaners and ask them who does their alterations. its usually a local who can Hook you up with a smoking deal. Plus you would be supporting the local econ.


I was looking forward to repairing the zipper on an old coat and they don't work. Zipper comes right off as you try to zip up the coat.