dealslodge color enamel 10 in. square grill pan…


FWIW, Lodge enamel cast iron is imported from China. Their regular seasoned cast iron line is made in the USA.


@tobuns: FWIW, the iPhones and Macbooks are imported from China. So are all of the computer monitors, motherboard, cases etc.

Making some grilling pan is not rocket science.


The concern with cast iron imported from China is that it's not regulated, and they could use impure metals with lead or other contaminants/toxins in it when casting.

You're not heating your iphone, macbook or computer monitor to high temperatures and cooking meals for your family on it.


@jessbrodeur: You know, metal coming into the United States is checked.

You are completely mistaken that metal is not regulated in China. That's a generalization that's fearmongering and outright racist.

You are also linking performance to a country. Glasses containing lead were made for McDonald's, not even that long ago, within the United States. Teflon cookware with toxic fumes is also made in the United States. Many toxic substances exist ONLY in food in the United States that are either banned (rBST and insecticides are just some of them) or regulated in other countries.

Should the rest of the world bans all US food products? If you don't know, we have one of the worst food supply chains in all developed countries in the world. And you want to make an unsubstantiated claim about a VERY reputable American company using China to make products at their quality level, so that you can buy this for $48, instead of $120?


@lll0228: My "made in China" post was strictly informational. Lodge is a company that proudly advertises "made in USA" on their seasoned cast iron; in fact, it's cast into the metal. A buyer that seeks out American goods may not know that some products from this company are imported. I'm not knocking the quality. I'm not suggesting Chinese made goods are dangerous.