dealstablet flash sale starting at for $39.99 + freeā€¦


No $39 tablets. Must be sold out.


Made you look, made you look (I hate when they do that!)


@jack0c You have to keep refreshing the page to get each tablet


@jack0c: At the beginning of the sale they had some Kindle Touch at that price... Sort of a tablet.


What I find odd when looking at the Acer Iconia is a "scratch" rating of 6 but the unit is missing the AC power cord. these don't charge with USB so the power cord is highly needed, but it's the same price as a #4 with the cord.


@muddytoy: There is always 2 things to look at. 1) condition 2) missing items. The prices on a FLASH sale here are always the same for the same item. You just need to look. FYI, a 6 is close to new in reality.