dealsfunko star wars fold-up headphones for $8.99…


This is a really good deal. I bought these in November for $18.99...and I thought that was a good deal. Wish I had waited now.


Might not get here in time, but im tight on money and X-mas is right around the corner. My Star Wars friend will love these.


First time ordering from Tanga... sure hope I get this in time for Christmas!!


Anyone have a comment on the quality of these headphones?
I've ordered from Tanga maybe a dozen times,very very slow shipping and forget about customer service,it will take them a week just to answer your question. I've liked the stuff I've got from them and it does gets to you at some point.


@gusvonpooch: The Amazon reviews are decent, good enough for me to take a chance on these for relative kids who are SW fans.


Yes, let the world know that you are a dork.


is the deal dead? I don't see this available now


nevermind... I was distracted somehow


@joelp77440: If they can't tell I'm a geek by the 8 bit stocking or wreath I have hanging at my desk or over my fireplace, and they can't tell from the transformers or other items I have at my desk, then the headphones aren't going to be what gives it away. I think you're just pissed you picked on "dorks" through your adolesence and now you work for them.


I got these as a gift last year, and I like them. Sound quality is good, and they're decently loud, and comfortable.

They don't feel too durable, being mostly plastic, but if you're just using them at work, they're nice, esp for the price.


I've only ordered from Tanga a couple of times, but both times I got my stuff surprisingly quick! They had a larger, over the ear style of the same thing yesterday. I don't care for foldable style headsets. Just a note: Darth Vader is sold out...


In my experience, stuff from Tanga is inexpensive and the quality is okay, but shipping is very slow. It takes them weeks to ship the items. Good luck getting it by Christmas.


FYI only Rebel Alliance are left at this point (2:45 pm central time)... Good enough for me, though


Got my headphones yesterday. Overall I'm impressed. They don't compare favorably to my Sennheiser HD-202s, but then, I didn't expect them to. They ARE very comfortable, lightweight, and easily packable -- none of which the Sennheisers are. Bass is boomy and loose, but for jogging, the gym, the subway, or what not they'll be great. They're loud too. I already like them for playing games on my computer. One note... you won't be able to use them at work. They leak sound like mad.

The Rebel alliance headphones are VERY Orange. Very.