dealsnook hd+ 16gb for $99.99 + free shipping


geez, this thing keeps going lower and lower... ah, oh well, I got mine now and I like it. Really nice screen, got Cyongen Mod (real easy to root).


@superattorney: Could you link the ROM (and possible rooting directions) that you used for anyone that may want it?


@morriea: sure, I used the xda forums

it's really not that complicated, just follow the instructions, and make sure you download the correct files, it took me about 10 minutes. I'm running Jeally Bean 4.2.2 and CM 10.1 ROM.

The only issue I've had with the tablet is when the battery totally goes out, it takes quite a bit to get it to turn back on. But I just plug and unplug the charger after waiting a bit for it to charge.


Wow, if I hadn't sprung for a new one at $149 several months back, I'd def jump on this deal! You simply can't get a better tablet than this for $99 anywhere!


@zmannyc2: And you aren't getting it for $99 there either. They're REALLY selling it for $119.99 and then making you do the $20 mail in rebate dance.


I have bought 3 of these so far and installed cyanogen Mod on all 3. There is not a tablet for at least another $100 that can compete with this. The 1920x1200 resolution is great, the TI OMAP dual core 4470 processor does a nice job- no lag, and the battery life is great. All three that I got were refurbs from 1saleaday- just be patient- they take about 3 weeks to arrive- but they were all perfect (no scratches or signs of use). This will chew-up and spit out an IPAD mini- like it was a piece of bad sushi. Just keep in mind that this tablet doe NOT have GPS or a camera- so if you need those items, this won't work for you. At this price you can't go wrong!


For those that are a not comfortable with rooting- this $10 download is a straight forward image, and instructions to follow that will root your Nook HD+ painlessly.
here is a youtube video about it:
Even if you do know how to root, it still saves you the time and has a customized UI for the Nook HD+- for $10 you can't go wrong.
Rooting and applying the JB ROM directly to internal memory is better than the N2A etc (boot to Android) SD cards- because the OS runs much more smoothly off the internal memory.


I bought this Nook HD+ from (then called when it was last offered back in August. The Nook itself is a great tablet and this is a great price (after rebate). I'm commenting on 1Sale. I've ordered a few times from them over the years and each time it's the same: they clearly assemble the orders and only then order the products. Consequently, you will not get your order for at least 4-5 weeks after you order. They charge your credit card immediately and will not allow you to cancel the order. The Nook I ordered in August took 5 weeks. It is maddening. Having said that, the Nook came in new condition (even though it was said to be "refurbished") and with good packaging. Bottom line, if you can live with the wait, choose 1Sale. Just forget about your order for a month or so and you should get it. If you are impatient, shop elsewhere.


The $99.99 price requires a mail-in rebate, and the provided link to the rebate coupon doesn't work.


Caution: Rebate must be postmarked by 10/28. With 1Sale slow shipping (5 weeks ?!!), you could miss the submission date.


@gak0090: I am sorry but there is no need to spend money on something to root your tablet or phone. You are much better off if you go to one of the sites that helps you to root. You can read the posts on the sites about what to do if you run into issues with what they are telling you to do. They can also answer questions you have.

With what this person on eBay is selling you really don't have a way of knowing if you are installing a "backdoor", or something else, on your device nor do you have a readily available way to contact the seller if you have questions or if something goes wrong.


Got one last time at $110. Ordered Sep 19 and I still don't have it. I'm sure it will be good when I get it, but this is definitely not the quickest shipping.


The need for you to send in for a rebate makes this a non-deal as far as I am concerned.


@ultrawolf: You are right. I seriously doubt you will get this in time to send in a rebate.


@jnissel: I did contact the seller (via ebay) with a question and had a response within an hour. You are absolutely right- there could be a "backdoor"There could be a backdoor on any of the files you download, including apps.There are no negative complaints on his feedback.I tried it (figured $10 is a fair gamble), great experience,and I know how to root- but I bet this saved me at least an hour of my time- making it well worth the $10.

If you read the ebay link:

"I can utilize TeamViewer between the hours of 6PM EST and 11PM EST to remotely assist and create your SD Card for you, if help is needed. Please allow at least 1min-1hr for email delivery of link to download software and instructions then you will need to message me your TeamViewer number if you would like remote support and I will proceed to create your SD Card for you on your own machine. This works only on the Nook HD+!!!!
Please check my feedback MANY users have gotten this working and after-which have 0 complaints."


Hey guys - I just wanted to give you a heads up - is totally backed up. I ordered a nook touch from them on 9/5/13. Their site says that processing can take UP TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS. Well, we are on business day 22 and the order is still marked as, "Processing," meaning they haven't even shipped my order. I sent them an email and they responded saying,

"Thank you for contacting 1saleaday,

I do apologize for the delay. We are a little backed up at the moment. We are striving to have the package shipped as soon as possible. Once it is shipped you will receive an email with tracking information."

They still haven't shipped my order, and they use the slowest shipping, so once they mark it as shipped, I'll still have 3-14 business days.

It will likely be a long time before you get your tablet, and by then it will be even more outdated. Just thought I would let you all know my current experience with 1saleaday.


@dohcacr: the link works fine. I downloaded the paperwork. Is it possible the settings on your computer are blocking the download?


@joshalamew: Hang in there. I have ordered these twice from them. Each time they took about 3 weeks (give or take a couple days)- to get there, the price is worth the wait if you don't need the tablet anytime soon.


@gak0090: yeah I'm not in too big of a hurry which is why I'm not overly upset. According to them, it has shipped and I have a tracking number, but it hasn't surpassed the "Ready for UPS" stage. I've had the tracking number since 10/2.


@joshalamew: I'm in the same boat as you. I got the UPS tracking number on Wednesday, but so far it's not active meaning they've acquired the number but haven't shipped it. I've gotten stuff from China direct way faster than these folks and they're just a 5 hour drive from me.

Even if they order stock based upon the number that they sell and then reship them when they come in, it still doesn't explain why they're so darned slow.


I wonder if 1Sale gives priority to shipments from their ebay store, where they generally say "ships in 1-2 days"? They would get a lot of negative feedback otherwise.


I have one running CM 10.2 and, yeah, it lags. Not to say it isn't usable, but there is a lot of slow down when running multiple apps. The ram size is really small too so it may crash apps if you have a lot open. I'd recommend closing all apps before playing intense games.

That being said it is a great reading/movie device and the speaker on it is pretty good. 2D apps run pretty well.


If you are rooting/applying a new image and you are having problems with it booting to the SD card, try holding volume down while pressing power and powering it up. I had to do this with 2 or the 3 tablets, the other one booted right to SD all by itself.


@lightofhonor: I don't have a lag at all, but I could see depending on what you have running simultaneously you could have issues. I have a bunch of widgets going and baseline calender/launchers/email/facebook... and never have any issues gaming. I guess if I were to watch a HD movie and try and game, I'd probably have issues, or multiple games maybe - but I have not done that. I would not consider the RAM size really small, the tablet has 1 GB RAM, 768 MB is allocated to software the rest to hardware, when running cyanogen mod. It would be great to have a baseline of 2 GB RAM, but at this price point you can't be too greedy. Maybe you had an issue with your install or something?- or maybe one of your games/apps is causing a memory leak? You did mention the speakers- the sound is really good (as long as you don't block the opening with your fingers)- it's weird because it has 2 speakers for stereo sound, but it only comes from 1 opening.


Two comments:

1. I have purchased a lot of stuff from 1sale- no complaints about quality but you do need a lot of patience as it will be a minimum of 2 weeks before you will see any status update for shipping.
2. I owned a Nook HD+ and did root it and flashed firmware from xda. The device does slow down over a period of time and starts lagging badly. I tried every thing as advised by the forum on xda but eventually sold it. Very good value for the nice display, design and other features like external SD card but not for heavy tablet use.